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a beginning in time

If I could pin-point a place in time which I could call a start it would be standing looking over the Alaw listening to the breeze tease my innocent dreams.
It was at this place in time I felt an overwhelming need to write, which I did, on anything I could find, and it all came out, every piece fitting into its rhythmic place, and it has driven me since.

As setting my writings to music is a part of that journey, that journey goes like this:

It must have been 1989 in Bangor, North Wales when I asked Keith and Marcus if we could record a song together, which we did in Marcus's room on the Collage Road. I took the tape down the road to the BBC where I was told to "take this £120:00 and record 3 demo songs, please", which I also did with the help of Keith, Ian and Pete Townsend (not from The Who) and a friend of Keith's on Mandolin. We recorded the three songs at a studio in Llanfair PG owned by my old English teacher.

So my first 3 song were recorded, I was interviewed and the songs were played on BBC Radio Cymru and then I left for South Africa.

Here are those three songs:

If you cant listen to them through the drop-down list they are linked to in the menu on the left and again below.

Bore Da A song about getting up in the morning
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Mynydd Mwyn Inspired by the mountains of Gogledd Cymru
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Ysbryd y mynydd Again the spirit of those mountains dose tend to grab 'ya
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To save on precious web/server space I've re-sampled these recordings to make them smaller.

If you want copies of these songs at CD studio quality, just ask, send an e-mail using any of the links on this page. Or try 'caneuon@kingsonone.com'
y gair
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