Welcome to my Desk Top and Home Page

This is indeed my Desk Top,
by that I mean it LOOKS like my desk top.
It is in actual fact a html page made to look and work like my desk top, you are not in my PC ! lol
Too many people have thought that it was my actual desk top, so I'm warning you here. It's a web page made to look like a Desk Top.

'If I can put a web page on my Desk Top, I can put my Desk Top on a web page!'


Brows around the site as you would your own system.
There's an Explorer window, a Favorites window, my Games and the Word Press blog that I sometimes keep.
As I am a member of bandAMP.com you will find that the links point to my songs and lyrics posted on my bandAMP Home Page.

The Desk Top

I've come to love Javascript and it powers most of the site.
The desk top icons and the windows that open from the Rocketdock Menu can be dragged around just like on your own desk top.
You can change the deskTop background, go to the 'RocketDock Menu' and choose 'deskTop Tools', there are a few different desk top backgrounds to choose from.

To accommodate people who don't have javascript enabled the icons are all 'HTML' links, except 'FenChwe', so they'll all open in a new window in your browser, and you can access the site that way.

I really do hope you enjoy my site, it is always being updated and developed, somewhere ...
... usually at my work page or the IT page, but then again the blog page moves quite regularily.
Though funny enough it's my Games page that is proving to be quite popular.



As of 01-09 I've been updating the site, the main Desk Top was updated a few months back, I'm now working my way slowly through the rest of the pages. So you'll find that at the moment most links work 'from' the desktop, favorites and explorer pages but not back the other way!

Desk Top Update - 06/10/08

Changed the Desk Top page to reflect my current desktop.
Having recently come across XP_Black on The Piratebay my whole system and the way my XP looks has changed completely.
The XP_Black series not only has tons of programs it also has tons of themes and gadgets. Including Window Blind, RocketDock, Windows Vista SideBar and the vistatransformationpack.

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