Did I ever tell you?
Of the things I had in mind
Did they ever tell you?
Of the times you left behind
Did she ever try and sell you
Magic so untouchable
Well you gave

Did you ever realize?
The looking in my eyes
Was it a surprise?
The thunder of our skies
Will it ever dawn?
That times been here all along
Must the fighting go on?
For we are here

One day I'll stop looking for one day
Any moment now it will be all right
Some time in time to come
It will be done
Some time deep in the night
You will see
You should have loved her

Could you really love her?
She says, see I love you
And you gave your hart and soul
Why do I love the things you do to me?
Set me free

Did I ever tell you?
That the world is one
Did you ever realize?
That you don't until it's gone
And the earth keeps on moving
Beneath out very feet
Moving on and on
On and on and on

The spirit moves in the captivation of your soul
And you are the very hart of it all
Set me free


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