Love is an ocean

Love is an ocean
Of care and devotion
Life is a sea
Of its pains and mystery
Love is a fire
Of its soulful desire
Life is a place
Where she shows her face

So it's time to question
From outside in
Yes it's time to ask
From inside out
Time to feel
For where you're going
And where you have been
Time to feel
For where it's all about
Times to walk so many lines

Life is a hand
Filled with sand
Love is rain
On the desert plain

So don't be a tear
Be an ocean
Don't be an idea
Be that notion
Don't just be in fear
Be the potion
Don't just be here
Be a commotion
Don't just be a rock
Be an earth my friend
Don't just be a star
Be the forever that you are

Don't just be moment
Be all the heartbeats you can defend
Don't just be lost
Be all the thoughts you can amend
Don't just be, what you want to be
Be all the love, all the love
Be all the love that you can send


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