Short Poems - 2

Coffee, Cocaine

Coffee, cocaine, tobacco and weed
Poppers, pills and little wraps of speed
And still I don’t get it
No I still don’t understand
If I ever fell in love
Then I am yet to land

Do you know that hope is all you can do?

Do you know that hope is all you can do?
Do you know that light is all that you can see?
Do you know that love is everything you dream of?
Deep in the night, when theres nothing else it could be.

This is the world calling

This is the world calling, this is earth
My place of birth,
It’s simplicity, this is me
This is the face in the crowd, shouting out loud
We watch you be the world for us
So be free.

I am the seventh wave

I am the seventh wave
The one that the sixth made
With still some effort that the fifth gave
The one that the eighth saved
The one, upon which even the ninth raved
I am the seventh wave.


Where things are as they are
Bang a gong, put your helmet on
She’s out there somewhere watching
You can do it

How can I tell, if this is heaven or hell?
Is it hell or heaven?
Watch the clock strike one more time
Eleven past eleven
She’s 23 and she’s starring straight at me

Watching me watching you
AaHaaaAaHaaaAaHaaa Ooo
Behind the sofa, Doctor Who
And it’s not only magic
It’s absolutely true

Just another line, one more time
A giant step for mankind
Through the door and out of your mind
Don’t look back, leave us all behind
Maybe you can come back one day and tell us what you found


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