Short Poems - 5

She’s a rich bitch

She’s a rich bitch
Lives in a glitch
Uses her money to put the little man down
Lies to her sons who drive her 4 four wheel drives
Lies to the neighbors who live soap opera lives

She’s a rich bitch
Lives in a glitch
Lies to her sons who drink to her wealth
As they drive her to the doctor when she thinks she’s someone else

She's a deceiver

She’s a deceiver
Would you believe her?
Things are not as she makes them seam
See for your self through your own dream

Her 2 and two make 22
Catch her out if you try
She cries crocodile eyes
Wraps you up in tails and ties

She’s a deceiver
Can you conceive her?
As she tells you
That she is

She’s a deceiver
Would you receive her?
If you knew her
To be this


Why is my life so small, and my head so big?
It is becoming impossible to live
How can a man be so cruel and seemingly so unkind
How can she, as a rule, be so blind?

Why are my days so dark, and my soul so confined?
That even the thoughts that I find are not mine

Why are the things that you do
So painful to you?
Why do you lie, and say that it’s true?
How can we live together again?
When you've twisted every word just to cause me pain.

Feel like a superstar

Feel like a superstar
I miss the girls and the big car
I’ve got no money
And I’m all alone
But what the fuck

I feel like a superstar

She is all I ever dream of

She is all I ever dream of
Though she’s not all I realize
As she sits before me smiling
Mimicking her own sweet lies


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