Short Poems - 6

I gave her

I gave her my hart
And I gave her my soul

After all they’re mine to give

I followed the signs
Moved with the times

After all I’m here to live

I gave her my time
Shared my wine

After all it’s all I had

I took her there
Where there is nothing else there

After all it’s all that I am

I must have been about 14

I must have been about 14
Leaning out the back
You’d left the light on
And the curtains wide
I just sat there
And peered inside

I watched you change
Into something new
Just like
Caterpillars do
You spread your arms
And danced around
Like a sycamore seed
Falling to the ground

I hold you and let you go

If you’re all there is to know
I hold you and let you go
You capture me
And rapture me
With things I love to know
And things I dream to dream to be
When the walls are whisper thin
I go deeper within
When I love you I’m a star
In a red car
When I don’t I am sin
But then we all are

I know you don’t want to hear it

I know you don’t want to hear it but I’ll say it any way
She’s all mine, all of the time, every second of the day

I took her out dancing, I gave her some flowers
I told her she looked beautiful, and it went on like that for hours

I love her like Sundays and Friday nights
She dose every thing she can to make me feel it right

We stay in and watch a film on TV
It’s the simplest thing that mean the most to her you see.


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