…. Gods glue works

I used to work at a factory making doors frames and windows, that’s 15 years ago now. From there I went to work in a smaller workshop and after that I started for my self.
Since working at the frame factory a lot has happened, in my life and at the factory.
I still go down there and even work for them as a freelance carpenter.
Now, where is this all going?
Well in the years that passed my family grew in number and now keeps on growing in size.
Our “just one more” became the twins, one of whom is Braan.
Braan and his sister started school a year ago.
Quite soon after starting school Braan befriended a wonderful kid, Fin
Now the first time I met Fin I saw immediately that he reminded me of a friend of mine from back home. My ‘back home’ being Anglesey. Incidentally I always see an Irish connections in Ron, my friend back home, which is not strange it being Anglesey ‘en all.
So this afternoon Braan and Fin are playing Sonic on the pc and I think to my self “So! I’ve got 2 pretty great characters in the room” Bran the Blessed and Fin Macool.
A little later I joked with Fins mother of my observation and she in turn replied “that a large percentage of both sides of their family come from Wales”
So my observation is absolutely founded.
The ‘funny thing’ about all of this is that though Fins dad started working at the frame factory after I left, we have still got to know each other through my visits there over the years.
This only came to light when I bumped into him one morning while we were dropping of the kids.

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It fits …. again !

Is it synchronicity ? Maybe !
Does it fit ? Most amazingly !
My missus wanted a frame to stick her sea shells to, it’s meant as a present for a friend of hers.
I dove into the shed …. late as usual, and looked for some material.
I had no boarding at the correct size but I did have bits of beams and and a plan.
First of all to draw out the frame on the work table , it’s a round mirror so a round frame of about 10cm wide would be nice.
I’ll have to get the pictures up for it to be clear, but here’s how it goes in words …..
I drew out the frame circles, drew a radius line cutting the arc, placed my bit of beam on the drawing, lined it up a bit to get the best material use, marked it off and then drew another radius line to create a slice.
As far as I’m concerned the ‘length’ of the slice was determined by the width of my beam bit …..
Having cut 8 pieces, going from my drawing of the slice for measurements, I fitted them together on the work bench, a dry run, just to see …. Well! Funky Dory ! Would you believe it I’ve managed to divide the circle into 6 …. because 6 of my pieces fit perfectly together to make the circle.

As I said, as far as I’m concerned I randomly chose a slice that fitted my material needs …. so how the funk did I end up with a perfectly divided circle ….. I know a nothing!

(Pictures to come)

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In the living room

So the work caries on inside the house, for a few reasons.

First and foremost it needs to be done, other reasons are the frames are now in, it’s cold out side, it’s quiet on the work front and we had a dead mouse behind a partition wall.
Anyone who has ever had a dead mouse in a wall will know the score …. and will probably know the lengths one will go to get that bloody smell out of the house !

So we started stripping the walls. At some time in history the walls had been covered with a 5mm hardboard on slats. There was a lot of wallpaper on it and a lot of wall paper under it ….. it’s all off now.

I took the chimney back two layers of old boarding, and I must admit after plastering the corners and plastering over the brick work I like it a lot more. The proportions are better, a thinner chimney, a deeper sill and a wider fire place.
The misses cleaned the ceiling and painted it while I plastered and prepared.
The plaster board is the next step …. we’ll just have to live with it till then.

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Windows and my why aye Frames

I have to relate this episode some time …… I’ve wanted to change the window frames at the front of the house for a long time, well I’ve lived here 16 years now, never washed them (someone else did) and never painted them …. and god did they need it!

Yn oer oer yn y nos ….

But these old frames were sagged and … nothing ! Single glass, gaps around the sides … Fenetre Horriblis !

So now that I had a quiet period and I’d earned some money in the first half of the year I decided it was time. I bought 40 meters of fairly nice pine, put it somewhere dry. I did a days work for an old employer, I worked there full time many years ago. Instead of asking for a wage I asked him if he’d machine my wood into frames for me on his latest supper amazing wood working machine, it’s in a ‘box’ 4m x 4m x 3m and can make near to anything you program into it.

This he did gladly, dowel holes and all, made the 4 widows for me and routed an edging profile into them which holds a one piece rubber draft excluder strip. Instead of the usual aluminium excluder strip being in the frame. So I brought home an ‘Ikea package’ of frames which I then constructed in my own workshop, and painted them 4 times.  

Putting it together

We’ve all kept living in the house while all this is going on, so hats off to the missus and the kids for having dealt with it all so well.

Fitting the new frames meant fist propping up the beams above all 4 existing frames and fitting 4 new steel lintels. I couldn’t take all the frames out at the same time because I had nothing to close them off for the time I knew it would take.

screwed and welded

So I cut the top parts away from each frame and worked my lintels in that way, grinding and cementing behind an orange tarpaulin between me and the rest of the house …. still watching telly, eating, fighting and screaming.

The lintels eventually cost me 50 euros for 4 pieces of 1.5 meters … he’d forgotten how much he’d originally quoted, had no time to work it out and kind of went , “O! just give us 50”.

I needed 4 pieces of 1.34 meters so I cut the remainder into 2 brackets of  8cm which I used to connect the two beams above each window to the lintels, screwing and welding as I went. It took me a good part of a week to get the lintels in, then it was fitting the frames.

I put a frame in per day fixing a box into the hole first as one would do with a PVC frame. I had designed the frames especially for this. The new frames then fitted snugly into the box frame already in place.

89.6 degrees

This was the biggest puzzle, getting the frames to ‘look right’, this old Dutch house is not much anyway and what it is has sagged and saddened over the years. Mainly in a bow in the middle, obvious really seeing that the front door is in the middle and thus is a weak point in the construction.

Through sporadic zen movements, deep thoughtful squints and my laser I managed to fit all 4, one at a time, at an angle of 89.6 degrees and quite reasonably in line with each other and the house surrounding them, not only close up but also at a distance …. it took a bit of walking around and deep thoughtful squints as I said but I’m happy they make sense.

I also fitted the glass and kitted at the end of each day. The outside sills are now fitted but the plastering above the frames still has to happen.

And the sun shines ; )

If you want to know more about the kinds of things I do as a carpenter whether for clients , friends or personal, please follow this link : www.kingstimmerwerk.nl


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The most excellent Rocket Dock

Developed by Punk! Software the Rocket Dock remains one of if not the best Mac type Docks for Windows. I’ve had mine for years, I liked it so much I even offered a modded version on the Piratebay including hundreds of icons, loads of Docklets, skins and extra ‘settings.ini’s

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VelociWare and FTF v1.0

Such a wonderful little program :

Here’s a link to their Softpedia software products page

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Fitting again

This is all about fitting and how things just do.

I’ve said for a long time that you have to listen, by this I mean you have to ‘go with it as it comes’.

My latest fitting to the family was a cupboard I’d decided to make. It was to come next to the fridge. I had 2180mm height and 280mm width to fit into, I wanted a fairly nice cupboard which I was prepared to paint to make presentable.

While looking in the back for suitable stuff my eye fell on two plates of chipwood covered with a dark cherry design … very nice, it was over from a cupboard I made 2 years ago. The plates were not in perfect state any more so I could not sell them, so it was time to use them.

Now the larger of the plates was 2170 long, that fitter the height. I cut it down the middle lengthways at 330mm which was incidentally exactly the right depth to match the shelves next to it.

I then glued some edging I still had on to one cut edge.

The other piece I cut down to 330mm (the depth) and had enough length to get 6 shelves with front edging.

I then routed out the holes for the lamello biscuits, grabbed a hand full of lamellos, fitted them in the holes ….. and then realized I’d randomly picked out exactly the right amount of biscuits too, as there were none left on the work bench, I picked out 24 and needed 24 … randomly precise!

Actually putting it in its place under the stairs was a bit of a puzzle, though strangely logical once I’d sussed it.
I had to remove the lamp and wiggle it in, it being such good fit an’ all

So what do you think?

I absolutely love these connections and fittings … no wonder I’m a carpenter ….. hmm I could have been a plumber !

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Plumbing again

It must be connected….dont know how dont now why…I dont matter!
One of the last times I posted an entry was after having done the plumbing.
Well I’ve just done it again…..the plumbing that is, and this afternoon I did indeed end up updating WordPress and voila I’m bloody blogging again.

I had to go back to the radiators, I hadn’t seen it right, led my pipes all over the place that meant that 2 of the 3 new radiators only half worked. So opened walls, got out tools and sussed it out…which I did yesterday. I had to change / modify the system at 4 points in the house: Turned the T-junctions the correct way around and led the pipes more directly to 3 radiators, in the bed-room: joined on to the old system, in attic bedroom: cut off from old branch, joined on to new and in the office: disconnected radiator and relayed an other directly onto existing branch of system.

And would you bloody believe it…it works like a dream, we’ve all been sitting here sweltering all day!

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Dont talk to me about Joy !

I was told years ago that I was ‘lucky’ by a lady called Inge , who ‘read my aura’, she also told me, from an odd angle, that she had chosen her name before she was actually born…..cool!
That I was blessed I’ve known for a long time, but an ego cant let things get out of hand so these things are ‘lived with’.
I hadn’t actually realised properly until today that I’ve been blessed with real blessings of a very real kind for some time now, namely my son Thomas, when he turned at the last moment…that was my boy. The next blessing I have in my life is the very Inge herself…..you good girl 😉 , I have another blessing who is cursed by the blindness, stupidity and pride of the people around her, I hope to say more about her one day. The next on the list is a blessing and a half, Ffion has fallen down stairs, fallen off chairs and has a permanently bruised forehead, but she is still waddling around and learning to speak and she’s only just one.
And then there’s today, the day I realised how amazing these kids of ours are. What an amazing day….because of one moment….the moment we saw that there were two…! Long pause … a questioning frown in the brow… no words…..there’s another two !

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Monday before Christmas

Got my Radiators in today, only two of them but I still put them in my self. Had to take away the boards on the walls and take it through the ceiling up to the new bedroom.
It’s was a question of ‘third time lucky’ as I had to empty the system twice to fix leaks. I’ll have to take one radiator off again to fix the plaster board but I’m confident now it will all go back right.

I was listening to Leonard Cohen today while doing the heating….God the guy is such an excellent poet, and it’s not as such that one line he rights is amazing it’s more that while he is telling the story in his song he makes it ‘perfect’ and totally flowing in that he touches the emotion and imagery with his recital of his work. Yet a very simple and beautiful example would be :
My love goes with you like your love stays with me……

My dad suggested I should use AIMP2 as a media player…I’m impressed, it’s much nicer and easier to use than WMP.
I got him ResHacker, so were quits! lol

OK! So after closing the wall and waiting for it to work fully (I had checked for leaks) it slowly dawned on me that I’d ‘piped’ it wrong, in that the water was not being actually pumped around my little extra system it was more like crawling in there at it’s own good will.
Strange as it may be getting it right is not such a big job and can be done from one spot in the system which is behind a small piece of board held on with 4 screws.

JP came over today and we made the frame to hold the double doors to the ‘attic’, we did it right and it fitted like a dream.

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…things just seam to fit…

It’s become so much that I cant keep it in any more, the beast needs to be free, if not released it might indeed be a beast of burden as it would also become if it were not for the moments of magic that make it all kind of ‘what it’s all about’.
Well! What it’s all about for me any ways!
Seeing the pieces of the jigsaw come together, Watching Osiris gather again, Experiencing the light returning to the source or simply living backwards as as all good Druids should.
What ever it is , it is !

I’ve been building an apartment in the shed next to the house, it’s been my main objective since the family grew. It was meant to function independently from the house, like a granny flat but is also part of the house as we need it.
The idea has been alive a few years, though it was sometimes in the form of the ‘Pipowagen’ at the other end of the garden, now the caravan has gone it has become the apartment.
Understand, at the moment it’s the apartment, it has been the big shed, the attic room above the bathroom, the kitchen, the fire place and lot of other little things along the way
One of the most memorable is my Liberte screw box, I found it at what is now the Art Centre No4 in Leiden, along with 2 small trays that fitted exactly into it even when I put a lid on the box. I also found the small drawers that are still to be found in the kitchen.
As I child of 12 I’d gone off on Sunday mornings and collected nuts and bolts and screws etc from old Jukebox’s in an old garage in Llanerchymedd, these screws and nuts and bolts and things I put in the little compartments in the trays in the box.
Since then that box has been many a time the beholder of amazement as yet again I find exactly the right amount of exactly the right size screw or exactly the right ring or odd little adapter shaped thing !
The attic space above the bathroom was another such story, especially the cement weave insulation plates I found in a skip and had kept for at least 4 years with only an idea of where I could use them. When I came to the work I used all the full plates for the ceiling and nearly all the bits for the triangular sides. I was left with one long bit of 5cm wide and a few 6cm square bits.
The apartment has become another experience of fittings one after the other;
The old window sill under the back window was insufficient anyway but had now started to rot. I ripped it out measured the length of the gap under the windows left over as 2008mm and went into the shed. I was looking for something, hopefully an aluminium strip which had to span the gap and close against the window, after rummaging in my aluminium profiles box behind the door for 10 minutes I found it. An aluminium drip profile with a 1cm wide flat back and a 2cm slanting ‘nose’ and……it was 2006mm, knocked my socks off and put a smile on my face all day. It did fit perfectly, under the window frame, over the outside wall and in between the window opening.
I had another ‘just the right size’ today while finishing off the small hatch between the bedroom and the apartment attic. The width was 848mm at the bottom and 846mm at the top, I needed a step in the middle and a piece to finish off the top, I had cut pieces of 12mm for the sides at 150mm wide but decided, because of the material I had to chose from, to make the sides 328mm wide from 20mm wooded panel. While looking through my material downstairs I happened to measure a piece otherwise designated ‘too short’ and would you believe it (I had to) it was 847mm long and wide enough for the step and the top bit.
Being an old deep shelf the panel had one rounded edge, perfect for the step I thought but there was a piece out of the corner 12mm down the length and 10mm deep. I wondered for a moment then realised that the recesses were perfect for allowing the rounded edge to stick out 10mm over the step and by taking out the same recess from the other corner the 12mm side panels would fit snugly into them. I had to make the recesses 20mm wide for my new side panels but I kept the 10mm depth, otherwise I only had to rip them to width and they fitted perfectly.
I had another one not so long ago, my son had been cutting logs with the power saw in the back, he’d done quite a lot fair play to him. I took over the next day and picked up on the larger trunks, after an hour or so Thomas came to have a look, as he was standing there I started a cut on a trunk, as I turned the trunk around we both saw I’d come out within mm of a cut Thomas had started the day before….cool we both thought. I carried on cutting. We carried on chatting, a few logs later the same thing happened but this time I came out exactly on a cut he had tried the day before…..total amazement…..and very funny….

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o’r Dyddiadur – tydalenDau, Dydd Gwenar nesa

Hi! just checking out some Microsoft Effex for this secondPage.
As you can see its a matter of building as one goes along.

Meanwhile I’m still thinking.

Y drysa gymherodd heddiw i gyd. Oherwydd drysa Thea a’r KLM rydw i’n medru cymheryd rhiwfaint o amser a’i roi tuagat ddysgu’r script yma.
A hyn i gyd wedyn i mi fedru rhoi enw a lle ir hyn rwyn greu. Mae llynia’r drysa iw gweld yn hydalenau fyNgwaith;
cyfeiriad | kingsonone.com/index/fyNgwaith/sharadShop/
And God Said, ‘You’re telling me?’
Its thanks to Theas doors and Thea that I came to this time, it was because of the doors that I came to the idea of documenting their progress. And then, while standing, wondering at the door a myriad colourful ideas all flutter by so peacefully yet so frustratingly unobtainable, there, then, standing at the door.
Now that I’m a little further down the path I see how some of those wonderful ideas just settle in the palm of my hand, but not when I’m fighting with it.
One thing I’ve learnt, or should I say, had clarified along the way, is that it first needs a name, no name no game!!
Like a placeholder, call it and it is something.
And so a name has always been important, think of shopkeepers for instance.
This reminds me of Albi telling us how each person has three names; the name they are given at birth, the name they wish to be called and the name that they really are. This struck a chord then and has only just kept on banging since. Brriing!!!
But it is twoo, I am telling you.
Everything needs a name. Like a placeholder ready to be built upon. Which brings me to this, the name of my game, or is that the style of my page? All I can say is this; some things change and something’s stay the same. And as they say; all will be revelled.
What am I trying to say? well, that this the second page is not really the second page, there are about 30 other pages, all being developed and built upon, all at the same time.
So you see my dilemma now is that I want to get this out, up and running, but I cant without first knowing how, but while getting to know how, the amount of why’s grow by multiples of 10 at the blink of an eye. So I’m looking for a style that I know and like and that I wont want to go back to later and change because I think it looks cheesy.
At the same time, as this is a diary it is here that the steps should be noted. So you can also understand where it all comes from.

These buttons popped up before, so I’ll leave them there for now, I quite like them. And they are so very handy.

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