Y Dyddiadur – Dydd Gwenar 05-06-05

Wedi gweithio ar ffens Sean trwy’r dydd, Thomas yno yn helpu, a wedi cael ei dalu’n dda am hynu hefyd. Maria yn rhedeg o gwmpas yn gwneud rhiwbeth fedrai i helpu.
And God Said, ‘The fence dose indeed look good’.
I once had the presence of god in the kitchen, in the form of a stone; it was on the kitchen table, on a pedestal, it was only a small pebbly sort of stone and the pedestal a machined piece of marble.
I’d tell my son to eat his food, turned the stone to ‘face’ him and say, “God is watching you” and walk out, I caught him once turning it back around, to ‘face’ the other way.
Its now gone to join other stones in the field in the back, I was cleaning out and it had been there for ages, time for a bunch of flowers or something. I threw it out there my self, it had a good shape to throw, you know the type that fits nicely in your hand, nice and round, but with enough elongation to get your finger hooked firmly around it for maximum ‘Whapaa’!
It went really far!
Any way, enough of Got, back to today and the many ways it wares. Today, quite a while back now, 1984 I think it was called, I was excelling excitedly behind a green screen in a small room in Pencraig, Llangefni.
It was amazing, making my name go up and down the little green screen, making rude messages go all over the little green screen, even making clocks not only appear but also making clocks appear to work on a little green screen, it truly was amazing.
It was so amazing that I forgot completely to do any thing ells that year, and failed every thing miserably, except Tech Drawing; I’ve always loved Tech Drawing. I passed excelling excitedly behind a little green screen with flying colours, but unfortunately at the time no one gave marks, not to mention a hoot for little green screens.
The day went by I found my self many times in many places.
Later on that day when little green screens had changed, not only to very colourful screens but had also changed the face of the planet and how nearly all that we do is done, I find my self here, in black and white.
It is here that I acquired my own new big colourful screen, the screen came with a box, and it was about now that I realised that it was the box that made the screen so colourful, so I got into the box. Through the big colourful screen of course.
Since I started sitting in front of this colourful screen and its humming box, I’ve got well into it, again!
You see I hadn’t even considered screens, whatever colour for a long time, until I got my own, I then got so much into it that I got another one, only a bit better than the first one and second hand. But it still didn’t do what I knew was possible, so recently I got a new one.
Now I can excel excitedly with a box that zidds and zumms my name all the way to China, and back!
And the screen? Well I’ve learnt to do THIS with the screen

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