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Hi! just checking out some Microsoft Effex for this secondPage.
As you can see its a matter of building as one goes along.

Meanwhile I’m still thinking.

Y drysa gymherodd heddiw i gyd. Oherwydd drysa Thea a’r KLM rydw i’n medru cymheryd rhiwfaint o amser a’i roi tuagat ddysgu’r script yma.
A hyn i gyd wedyn i mi fedru rhoi enw a lle ir hyn rwyn greu. Mae llynia’r drysa iw gweld yn hydalenau fyNgwaith;
cyfeiriad | kingsonone.com/index/fyNgwaith/sharadShop/
And God Said, ‘You’re telling me?’
Its thanks to Theas doors and Thea that I came to this time, it was because of the doors that I came to the idea of documenting their progress. And then, while standing, wondering at the door a myriad colourful ideas all flutter by so peacefully yet so frustratingly unobtainable, there, then, standing at the door.
Now that I’m a little further down the path I see how some of those wonderful ideas just settle in the palm of my hand, but not when I’m fighting with it.
One thing I’ve learnt, or should I say, had clarified along the way, is that it first needs a name, no name no game!!
Like a placeholder, call it and it is something.
And so a name has always been important, think of shopkeepers for instance.
This reminds me of Albi telling us how each person has three names; the name they are given at birth, the name they wish to be called and the name that they really are. This struck a chord then and has only just kept on banging since. Brriing!!!
But it is twoo, I am telling you.
Everything needs a name. Like a placeholder ready to be built upon. Which brings me to this, the name of my game, or is that the style of my page? All I can say is this; some things change and something’s stay the same. And as they say; all will be revelled.
What am I trying to say? well, that this the second page is not really the second page, there are about 30 other pages, all being developed and built upon, all at the same time.
So you see my dilemma now is that I want to get this out, up and running, but I cant without first knowing how, but while getting to know how, the amount of why’s grow by multiples of 10 at the blink of an eye. So I’m looking for a style that I know and like and that I wont want to go back to later and change because I think it looks cheesy.
At the same time, as this is a diary it is here that the steps should be noted. So you can also understand where it all comes from.

These buttons popped up before, so I’ll leave them there for now, I quite like them. And they are so very handy.

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