…things just seam to fit…

It’s become so much that I cant keep it in any more, the beast needs to be free, if not released it might indeed be a beast of burden as it would also become if it were not for the moments of magic that make it all kind of ‘what it’s all about’.
Well! What it’s all about for me any ways!
Seeing the pieces of the jigsaw come together, Watching Osiris gather again, Experiencing the light returning to the source or simply living backwards as as all good Druids should.
What ever it is , it is !

I’ve been building an apartment in the shed next to the house, it’s been my main objective since the family grew. It was meant to function independently from the house, like a granny flat but is also part of the house as we need it.
The idea has been alive a few years, though it was sometimes in the form of the ‘Pipowagen’ at the other end of the garden, now the caravan has gone it has become the apartment.
Understand, at the moment it’s the apartment, it has been the big shed, the attic room above the bathroom, the kitchen, the fire place and lot of other little things along the way
One of the most memorable is my Liberte screw box, I found it at what is now the Art Centre No4 in Leiden, along with 2 small trays that fitted exactly into it even when I put a lid on the box. I also found the small drawers that are still to be found in the kitchen.
As I child of 12 I’d gone off on Sunday mornings and collected nuts and bolts and screws etc from old Jukebox’s in an old garage in Llanerchymedd, these screws and nuts and bolts and things I put in the little compartments in the trays in the box.
Since then that box has been many a time the beholder of amazement as yet again I find exactly the right amount of exactly the right size screw or exactly the right ring or odd little adapter shaped thing !
The attic space above the bathroom was another such story, especially the cement weave insulation plates I found in a skip and had kept for at least 4 years with only an idea of where I could use them. When I came to the work I used all the full plates for the ceiling and nearly all the bits for the triangular sides. I was left with one long bit of 5cm wide and a few 6cm square bits.
The apartment has become another experience of fittings one after the other;
The old window sill under the back window was insufficient anyway but had now started to rot. I ripped it out measured the length of the gap under the windows left over as 2008mm and went into the shed. I was looking for something, hopefully an aluminium strip which had to span the gap and close against the window, after rummaging in my aluminium profiles box behind the door for 10 minutes I found it. An aluminium drip profile with a 1cm wide flat back and a 2cm slanting ‘nose’ and……it was 2006mm, knocked my socks off and put a smile on my face all day. It did fit perfectly, under the window frame, over the outside wall and in between the window opening.
I had another ‘just the right size’ today while finishing off the small hatch between the bedroom and the apartment attic. The width was 848mm at the bottom and 846mm at the top, I needed a step in the middle and a piece to finish off the top, I had cut pieces of 12mm for the sides at 150mm wide but decided, because of the material I had to chose from, to make the sides 328mm wide from 20mm wooded panel. While looking through my material downstairs I happened to measure a piece otherwise designated ‘too short’ and would you believe it (I had to) it was 847mm long and wide enough for the step and the top bit.
Being an old deep shelf the panel had one rounded edge, perfect for the step I thought but there was a piece out of the corner 12mm down the length and 10mm deep. I wondered for a moment then realised that the recesses were perfect for allowing the rounded edge to stick out 10mm over the step and by taking out the same recess from the other corner the 12mm side panels would fit snugly into them. I had to make the recesses 20mm wide for my new side panels but I kept the 10mm depth, otherwise I only had to rip them to width and they fitted perfectly.
I had another one not so long ago, my son had been cutting logs with the power saw in the back, he’d done quite a lot fair play to him. I took over the next day and picked up on the larger trunks, after an hour or so Thomas came to have a look, as he was standing there I started a cut on a trunk, as I turned the trunk around we both saw I’d come out within mm of a cut Thomas had started the day before….cool we both thought. I carried on cutting. We carried on chatting, a few logs later the same thing happened but this time I came out exactly on a cut he had tried the day before…..total amazement…..and very funny….

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