Monday before Christmas

Got my Radiators in today, only two of them but I still put them in my self. Had to take away the boards on the walls and take it through the ceiling up to the new bedroom.
It’s was a question of ‘third time lucky’ as I had to empty the system twice to fix leaks. I’ll have to take one radiator off again to fix the plaster board but I’m confident now it will all go back right.

I was listening to Leonard Cohen today while doing the heating….God the guy is such an excellent poet, and it’s not as such that one line he rights is amazing it’s more that while he is telling the story in his song he makes it ‘perfect’ and totally flowing in that he touches the emotion and imagery with his recital of his work. Yet a very simple and beautiful example would be :
My love goes with you like your love stays with me……

My dad suggested I should use AIMP2 as a media player…I’m impressed, it’s much nicer and easier to use than WMP.
I got him ResHacker, so were quits! lol

OK! So after closing the wall and waiting for it to work fully (I had checked for leaks) it slowly dawned on me that I’d ‘piped’ it wrong, in that the water was not being actually pumped around my little extra system it was more like crawling in there at it’s own good will.
Strange as it may be getting it right is not such a big job and can be done from one spot in the system which is behind a small piece of board held on with 4 screws.

JP came over today and we made the frame to hold the double doors to the ‘attic’, we did it right and it fitted like a dream.

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