Dont talk to me about Joy !

I was told years ago that I was ‘lucky’ by a lady called Inge , who ‘read my aura’, she also told me, from an odd angle, that she had chosen her name before she was actually born…!
That I was blessed I’ve known for a long time, but an ego cant let things get out of hand so these things are ‘lived with’.
I hadn’t actually realised properly until today that I’ve been blessed with real blessings of a very real kind for some time now, namely my son Thomas, when he turned at the last moment…that was my boy. The next blessing I have in my life is the very Inge herself… good girl 😉 , I have another blessing who is cursed by the blindness, stupidity and pride of the people around her, I hope to say more about her one day. The next on the list is a blessing and a half, Ffion has fallen down stairs, fallen off chairs and has a permanently bruised forehead, but she is still waddling around and learning to speak and she’s only just one.
And then there’s today, the day I realised how amazing these kids of ours are. What an amazing day….because of one moment….the moment we saw that there were two…! Long pause … a questioning frown in the brow… no words…..there’s another two !

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