Plumbing again

It must be connected….dont know how dont now why…I dont matter!
One of the last times I posted an entry was after having done the plumbing.
Well I’ve just done it again…..the plumbing that is, and this afternoon I did indeed end up updating WordPress and voila I’m bloody blogging again.

I had to go back to the radiators, I hadn’t seen it right, led my pipes all over the place that meant that 2 of the 3 new radiators only half worked. So opened walls, got out tools and sussed it out…which I did yesterday. I had to change / modify the system at 4 points in the house: Turned the T-junctions the correct way around and led the pipes more directly to 3 radiators, in the bed-room: joined on to the old system, in attic bedroom: cut off from old branch, joined on to new and in the office: disconnected radiator and relayed an other directly onto existing branch of system.

And would you bloody believe it…it works like a dream, we’ve all been sitting here sweltering all day!

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