Fitting again

This is all about fitting and how things just do.

I’ve said for a long time that you have to listen, by this I mean you have to ‘go with it as it comes’.

My latest fitting to the family was a cupboard I’d decided to make. It was to come next to the fridge. I had 2180mm height and 280mm width to fit into, I wanted a fairly nice cupboard which I was prepared to paint to make presentable.

While looking in the back for suitable stuff my eye fell on two plates of chipwood covered with a dark cherry design … very nice, it was over from a cupboard I made 2 years ago. The plates were not in perfect state any more so I could not sell them, so it was time to use them.

Now the larger of the plates was 2170 long, that fitter the height. I cut it down the middle lengthways at 330mm which was incidentally exactly the right depth to match the shelves next to it.

I then glued some edging I still had on to one cut edge.

The other piece I cut down to 330mm (the depth) and had enough length to get 6 shelves with front edging.

I then routed out the holes for the lamello biscuits, grabbed a hand full of lamellos, fitted them in the holes ….. and then realized I’d randomly picked out exactly the right amount of biscuits too, as there were none left on the work bench, I picked out 24 and needed 24 … randomly precise!

Actually putting it in its place under the stairs was a bit of a puzzle, though strangely logical once I’d sussed it.
I had to remove the lamp and wiggle it in, it being such good fit an’ all

So what do you think?

I absolutely love these connections and fittings … no wonder I’m a carpenter ….. hmm I could have been a plumber !

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