In the living room

So the work caries on inside the house, for a few reasons.

First and foremost it needs to be done, other reasons are the frames are now in, it’s cold out side, it’s quiet on the work front and we had a dead mouse behind a partition wall.
Anyone who has ever had a dead mouse in a wall will know the score …. and will probably know the lengths one will go to get that bloody smell out of the house !

So we started stripping the walls. At some time in history the walls had been covered with a 5mm hardboard on slats. There was a lot of wallpaper on it and a lot of wall paper under it ….. it’s all off now.

I took the chimney back two layers of old boarding, and I must admit after plastering the corners and plastering over the brick work I like it a lot more. The proportions are better, a thinner chimney, a deeper sill and a wider fire place.
The misses cleaned the ceiling and painted it while I plastered and prepared.
The plaster board is the next step …. we’ll just have to live with it till then.

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