It fits …. again !

Is it synchronicity ? Maybe !
Does it fit ? Most amazingly !
My missus wanted a frame to stick her sea shells to, it’s meant as a present for a friend of hers.
I dove into the shed …. late as usual, and looked for some material.
I had no boarding at the correct size but I did have bits of beams and and a plan.
First of all to draw out the frame on the work table , it’s a round mirror so a round frame of about 10cm wide would be nice.
I’ll have to get the pictures up for it to be clear, but here’s how it goes in words …..
I drew out the frame circles, drew a radius line cutting the arc, placed my bit of beam on the drawing, lined it up a bit to get the best material use, marked it off and then drew another radius line to create a slice.
As far as I’m concerned the ‘length’ of the slice was determined by the width of my beam bit …..
Having cut 8 pieces, going from my drawing of the slice for measurements, I fitted them together on the work bench, a dry run, just to see …. Well! Funky Dory ! Would you believe it I’ve managed to divide the circle into 6 …. because 6 of my pieces fit perfectly together to make the circle.

As I said, as far as I’m concerned I randomly chose a slice that fitted my material needs …. so how the funk did I end up with a perfectly divided circle ….. I know a nothing!

(Pictures to come)

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