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I used to work at a factory making doors frames and windows, that’s 15 years ago now. From there I went to work in a smaller workshop and after that I started for my self.
Since working at the frame factory a lot has happened, in my life and at the factory.
I still go down there and even work for them as a freelance carpenter.
Now, where is this all going?
Well in the years that passed my family grew in number and now keeps on growing in size.
Our “just one more” became the twins, one of whom is Braan.
Braan and his sister started school a year ago.
Quite soon after starting school Braan befriended a wonderful kid, Fin
Now the first time I met Fin I saw immediately that he reminded me of a friend of mine from back home. My ‘back home’ being Anglesey. Incidentally I always see an Irish connections in Ron, my friend back home, which is not strange it being Anglesey ‘en all.
So this afternoon Braan and Fin are playing Sonic on the pc and I think to my self “So! I’ve got 2 pretty great characters in the room” Bran the Blessed and Fin Macool.
A little later I joked with Fins mother of my observation and she in turn replied “that a large percentage of both sides of their family come from Wales”
So my observation is absolutely founded.
The ‘funny thing’ about all of this is that though Fins dad started working at the frame factory after I left, we have still got to know each other through my visits there over the years.
This only came to light when I bumped into him one morning while we were dropping of the kids.

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